the dumpster

watch me scream into the void

devlog 2

tldr: stage 2 complete

widt: 8

HOO BOY do I have an update

widt: 7

not much

devlog 1

tldr: fixed bugs, new Red sprite, and new tiles for stage 2.

widt: 6

the usual.

why gamemaker

tldr: familiarity.

widt: 5

here we go

widt: 4

tldr: got dragged into doing things

widt: 3

tldr: released my first ep!

reasons things take long

just because driving from A to B takes 10 minutes, doesn’t mean it will take the same amount of time from B to A. here’s a helpful unordered list as to why that could be !!

widt: 2

idk, who knows what I did today

what I did today

lets try this out! I’m not literally going to talk about what I did today exclusively, I’ll also be mentioning other recent things

second first post

completely reorganized this site. old posts and images are gone for the moment, eventually will be moving them back.

artfight happened

so artfight was fun. can’t wait for next year!!

oops technical difficulties

whoopsy daisy forgot about the site again lmao (except this time it wasn’t entirely my fault)

heckin simple meta balls

metaballs!! we’re making metaballs!

level design

DISCLAIMER: I’m trying my best

no i didn't die

ah yes, the problem I face on a never ending basis, an insurmountable wall forged of my own human limitations in which every day I must confront and subsequently fail at defeating: remembering to do things.

ktane - demake attempt part 2

i did more work on the demake, and I made quite a bit of progress!

keep talking and nobody explodes - demake attempt

decided to try remaking “keep talking and nobody explodes”, a very good game you should get, as a much simpler 2d web game, just for the funsies amd because I very much like the game.

imposter sort

hi. i have invented a new sorting algorithm, that I am naming “imposter sort”.

blog update

i switched to jekyll because its a lot easier to use than completely hand written html + directories. for anyone (morbidly) interested, heres the code i wrote for my method of generating blog pages from markdown files on the client side


welcome to my humble abode, my corner if you will. i’m parchi, the person responsible for this mess.