parchi's dumpster fire

welcome to my haphazardly put together little corner of the internet!

i'm a wip programmer, music writer, and game designer.

I go by a few names online, namely parchment, parchi, parchii, and formerly Wainggan.
I prefer parchi.

this site was put together using whatever html knowledge I happened to know, so I apologize if the layout is a bit odd or broken.

expect a lot of todo's to be littered around.

aug 3 2023
added more drawings, fixed image css slightly, cleaned up drawing page a bit. added some buttons + links :3
jun 30 2023
added images, fixed image css slighly
mar 27 2023
completely redid the layout again. added the links page, posted new blog posts, etc.
feb 27 2023
redid the layout to be more readable and responsive
feb 23 2023
site is now made in jekyll! very fun to use.
feb 21 2023
made the site mobile friendly! maybe. I hope? also added more pages for the various projects ive made
feb 20 2023
tried changing the layout
feb 19 2023
created this site! or at least am trying to.
insert something here


  • more links
  • images
  • old layouts page
  • chaos
  • buttons!
  • test
  • games
  • contact?