no i didn't die

ah yes, the problem I face on a never ending basis, an insurmountable wall forged of my own human limitations in which every day I must confront and subsequently fail at defeating: remembering to do things.

I didn’t forget about the site, I actually have a few blog posts I wanted to post, it’s just that I straight up forgot to upload them lol.

anyways! might as well give an update on what I’ve been up to

my game (arcade bullet hell) is still in progress, but I’m considering changing something I feel is fundamental to what I was imagining the aesthetic to be, and I’m also grappling with the idea that I’m putting too much emphasis on making things make logical sense story-wise, something probably a bit out of place in a silly bullet hell where no one actually would care for the plot and any more plot than like 2 text boxes before bosses is pace killing… what happened is that I had a few oc’s and a setting that I love and have been wanting to include in some kind of game for a long time now, and the plot I put together was a way I could justify various elements of the game so I could be happy because brain like plot that is logically consistent. maybe I’m being extraordinarily stupid. I almost want to stop working on the game as of late, but I won’t, I’ve made too much progress to stop lol

I’d like to update neo-tanks sometime and add more powerups, and I decided to try writing a theme for hyperspace inc again so I can finally call it finished… unfortunately it doesn’t fit.

I’m also writing a little thing about programming language parsing, because I think it’s fun to do

also my headphones are now literally falling apart lol. not fun when I’m learning to produce music. it’s holding itself just fine, but I suspect it won’t be long until I will need to bring out the tape to assist with keeping it together, like I did with my phone case(which is currently being held together primarily with tape)

oh right, say hi to the new site layout random internet stranger who has probably definitely seen the last one! I cleaned up the css and markup to be nicer and faster, and the layout looks imo nicer and more comfy. I’ll continue to iterate on it, but I’m quite happy with this for now. I tried my best to make it responsive and functional in any (modern) browser, but I have absolutely no experience testing that. (also neocities is not having a good time with the new layout and is trying to revert it. not sure what to do about this lol)

previous site design new site design

that all I have. have a nice day :3