welcome to my humble abode, my corner if you will. i’m parchi, the person responsible for this mess.

in this blog, i’ll write about whatever I feel like, but it will likely be primarly educational tutorial-ish things about computer science or music production. i’ll also probably talk about what i’m doing with my current projects/games. who knows, maybe i’ll even do rants about how much i like a game or something, i have literally no idea what im going to do with this thing.

now hopefully, I can get myself to continually update this place with whatever. i decided to finally make a google spreadsheet of all my project ideas and rabbit holes to get into in the future, which i’ll add to whenever I find anything. it should be enough to get me to continue updating it, but I’m not exactly known for being consistent.


for anyone interested in the tech,

i hate html. as a temporary fix until i get a static site generator working, i’m writing this in Markdown, which I store in some folder somewhere, along with some json file with the meta data for each post. the blog index page fetches that json file, and displays each post. when you click a post, it brings you to the blog page page (what you are looking at right now) along with a url parameter for which file to get. it then just gets that file, simple.

i compile the markdown using the Showdown Markdown converter(chosen because it was written in javascript and generated html text, unlike CommonMark which directly rendered html, and I couldn’t be bothered to see if I could fix that). everything else(css, html layout, javascript) was written by me.

what now

no idea. have a nice day :3