various (mostly game) projects I’ve worked on or am working on. ordered by age and interest.

unless otherwise noted, the credits for all of these is usually just me.

for smaller stuff, check the misc page


a precision platformer with a timer

originally a sort of “redemption arc” for Ejow.

status wip - active
demo release some day
release tbd
engine GameMaker
art Aseprite, Krita
music + sfx FL Studio

Rodney and Snake Eyes: Freelance Bounty Hunters

a wario-like where you murder people for 2 cents

development is in its very early stages.

status wip - active
my status active
engine GameMaker
art tbd
music tbd
sfx tbd


tba director
parchii (me) music, programming
tba tba


a basic GameMaker library for managing state machines. most notably uses “reverse inheritance”, a term I made tf up

calico logo

released as a submittion to the GameMaker Cookbook Jam.

status wip - active
engine GameMaker
logo art Krita

ardent shot

a bullet hell where you rip apart enemies with melee explosions

demo is almost complete, awaiting motivation to finish it.

status wip - haitus
demo release tbd
release tbd
engine GameMaker
art Aseprite
music + sfx FL Studio


an attempt at putting together a simple social media app.

currently planning a rewrite.

status wip - periodic
ide Visual Studio Code
language python
main libraries flask


main page

a strongly-typed scripting language.

mostly an experiment. currently written in typescript.

status wip - periodic
ide Visual Studio Code
language typescript
runtime bun

Neo Tanks

a local multiplayer game where you shoot your friends and reign destruction

it’s a reimagining of the flash game, “tank trouble”.

status wip - haitus
release tbd
ide Visual Studio Code, originally p5js
language javascript, typescript
runtime browser
framework custom

@todo: make playable

Hyperspace Inc.

a procedural maze runner

an attempted game jam submittion with some friends, couldn’t submit in time due to poor coordination.

status incomplete

@todo: source

engine GameMaker Studio 2
art Aseprite
music ~
sound effects jsfxr


a silly precision platformer where you try to steal your sandwich back from an evil dolphin

Ejow logo

status complete - no planned updates
release 15 april, 2021

this is my first completed game.

engine GameMaker Studio 2
pixel art Piskel, Aseprite
music Audiotool
sound effects jsfxr