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here we go

re: music

well on a whim and some convincing I decided to go and submit my music to RouteNote, a free distributor. I have no idea how their business model works, but I do know that I appreciate it greatly, comma, <- has no money.

I also uploaded the album on Bandcamp for some reason. 2$! a steal.

I have no idea how music licensing works, so despite personally preferring to leave the songs out of content ID and licensed with Creative Commons, I chose to keep the rights reserved in case I messed something up. I have no intention on making copyright claims lol.


fun little story/tidbit. when I was about to release ejow, I was confused by what copyright was and assumed that you had to apply to something to get copyright on some work. somehow I never learned about how US citizens get a copyright on art they made by default.

I ended up learning about creative commons first, and thought that it was essentially a free alternative to copyright for some reason. and got confused by that too (I was (am) not smart). so I chose to wing it, and hoped that going without anything would work out. it was kinda then that I decided that I didn’t really care for/want copyright protections anyways.

well unfortunately for past-me not licensing it would end up giving me full reserved rights over the work… whoops.

my current opinion on the topic is that I’m fine with anyone taking my work and using it (as long as they’d credit me/email me about it). I’d prefer to have the reserved rights over my work in the possibility that someone takes my work for nazi shit, but otherwise I wouldn’t care to enforce it. which isn’t a good opinion… while its comforting to hear someone say that they won’t sue you for taking their work, it doesn’t fix the fundemental issue that it’s a liability.

is this overthinking from someone who hasn’t been noticed by more than like 6 people? yes.