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tldr: got dragged into doing things


I was told to put the ep into spotify, but I don’t think the ep is actually good enough to deserve that effort. maybe.


  • filled out itch.io’s tax form.
  • dragged into learning japanese

oh right

in the matter of like 2 days I was dragged into learning japanese with someone. maybe more like I dragged them? it’s a win-win anyways, we’ve been wanting to learn japanese for a long while now, so.

I don’t have any money so everything I’ll be learning will be from free resources. I decided that it would be more fun if I went into learning the grammar before any real vocab, so I can have fun putting together sentences when I get around to vocab.

  • http://www.japaneseprofessor.com/lessons/beginning/ seems really good for grammar, its been my main resource. unfortunately it seems unfinished right now. at the very least it seems like a good starting point.
  • https://guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar/ seems fine. it’s missing some detail I think.
  • I think I’ll try using duolingo to learn vocab when that time comes
  • wanikani also seems like a good start for kanji
  • and http://www.kanjidamage.com/
  • and some people have made good anki card decks for kanji, which I’ll also probably check out