what I did today

lets try this out! I’m not literally going to talk about what I did today exclusively, I’ll also be mentioning other recent things

so. welcome to the first widt. I’ll be talking things I’ve been doing as if you, my dearest reader, already know what they are. its for consistency. sorry.

bullet hell

as usual I’ve been working on the bullet hell, cleaning up and finishing the second stage, but otherwise nothing spectacular. Red’s boss fight is nearly complete, I need to add more patterns and phases and it will be functionally complete. afterward I’ll need is to redo his bgm, make art for the stage’s background, and etc.

I’ve been thinking about a proper name for this thing. I’ve narrowed it down to

  • Ardency
    • bc that’s the game’s main area’s name
    • “Neon Ardency” also sounds cute
  • Paradise Falls
    • bc it’s the area of the last stage of the game
  • Ardent Shot
    • cheesy, but it works

nullstars was so much easier to name lol

creator creator

I had another go at the creator creator, after I rewrote my dom api. As with last time, the main trouble I’m having is designing the ui for adding and organizing elements, while balancing the relative lack of skill I have. I’ve settled on a drag and drop system, using the javascript drag and drop api.

of course, I could use a premade solution for dragging and dropping. this one looks amazing. why am I not?


I wrote 5 songs in this last week, which I’d really like to release soonish. when I figure out what that means, I’ll share what happens.


I played lethal company for the first time yesterday! not much ended up happening, unfortunately. hoping the next few sessions will be more interesting.



on the side, I’m working on a small project, in which I’ve been drawing and will have to draw a lot of images for. I will probably complete it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be releasing it tbh. ig consider this foreshadowing

cat girl

I did end up losing my drawing pen, so I can’t draw digitally anymore until I get it back lol. hopefully its only temporary.


and obviously I’m updating the website here now. woo.

on my todo list, I’m going to see about compressing the images uploaded here to webm.