oops technical difficulties

whoopsy daisy forgot about the site again lmao (except this time it wasn’t entirely my fault)

I was gonna write a post about writing a lisp parser but I ended up losing the files? so oh well. I was also going to upload some of my art to here but I ended up losing most of it too, so that’s fun! I’ll get it back soon-ish hopefully (maybe (possibly)), so. idk. fingers crossed!!

additionally. I use tumblr sometimes now! (this has nothing to do with reddit)

finally. I’m working on my game again! took a while to get the inspiration back, but I’m getting back to it. I will need to rework a lot of mechanics now, so. yippee? I’ll also need to rewrite music now that I’ve gotten somewhat better, so! yep.

lastly. I’m gonna attempt to join art fight, so that could be funny maybe. will update on how that goes.

thanks for reading stranger, have a nice day :3