unfortunately most of these are in javascript because im a pleb

  • my scratch account is filled with all kinds of simple projects and experiments
  • worley toy
    a terribly written tool for generating simple worley noise based images. i'd like to write an upgraded version sometime.
  • simple ball physics thing a simple 2d ball simulation thing. it had an unfortunate bug of some balls getting randomly stuck, leading me to write a simple physics engine to simulate the same thing.
  • simple ball physics simulation thing
    an extremley simple physics simulation, which i used to generate this video
  • simple quad tree implementation
  • Floyd–Steinberg dithering
    a simple implementation of Floyd–Steinberg dithering
  • palette squisher shader
    a shader for squishing the colors of an image to a preset palette
  • msaa antialiasing
    a simple implementation of msaa antialiasing, because why not
  • "terraria" pixel smoothing
    i once found an image that claimed that terraria smoothens its pixels when zoomed in. intrigued, i tried to recreate it. i'm pretty sure this doesn't actually happen in terraria.
  • meta ball shader
    i love metaballs
  • shader toy things
    i've dabbled in shaders for a bit. i'd like to do more advanced things with them sometime.
  • simple verlet rope implementation
    i wonder if its misleading to say i made a simple verlet implementation
  • bullet hell + meta balls
    an experiment to see if rendering bullets as metaballs for my game was viable. it wasn't, even if the glow of the bullet was rendered that way, but its still pretty interesting.
  • bezier curves
    a simple example of bezier curves
  • platformer character with verlet ropes
    an experiment to see if how well verlet ropes could attach to player characters to simulate hair, for example. They are quite slow, unfortunately, but it looks really good imo.
  • wtext implementation
    an implementation of a simple text markup system i made, based on bbcode. i ported this to gamemaker to be used in my bullet hell game.
  • Old Myano
    a prehistoric implementation of Myano, a programming language of mine, back when it was still dynamically typed. there's an even older version somewhere too, i don't know where it is. i made the mistake of implementing it in javascript.
  • Myano Typed Attempt
    an attempt to make Myano a typed language. It worked at first, but the need for generics of some kind required a complete rewrite.
  • second order dynamics
    a simple implementation of second order dynamics. i use these all the time for animations.
  • ui system attempt
    an attempt of mine to write a ui system, similar to html. incomplete.
  • wengine
    a simple javascript game engine i wrote for neo tanks
  • gamemaker blendmode emulation
    an emulation and explanation of gamemakers blendmodes. it may be inaccurate, but it may not be my fault, ill investigate later
  • word generator
    a silly word generator

todo: include non javascript tools *please* , include 2021 stuff, make this md