i love making games

a simple game i made on scratch that I think is worth showing off ig

what was originally a simple platformer created in gamemaker, which accidently became celeste due to poor planning. this was my first “full” game, complete with a terrible original sountrack of 4 songs (including 2 unused ones lol), bad art, annoying sound effects, and bugs to boot, all done by me. relegated to “lovingly regret” status.

was supposed to be a jam game done with friends. we couldn’t finish it in time due to lack of time and less than ideal communication. i worked on it occasionally after, and as of writing this, the game is unfinished but playable.

todo: make playable somewhere

a reimagining of the classic flash game, Tank Trouble, written in javascript using a custom framework. still in development. the controls aren’t well explained in game yet, so here:
when you open the game, you get thrown into a “lobby”. from here, you can have up to 4 tanks “join” by pressing their corresponding shoot button. the red tank has the arrow keys to move, and either control or “?” to shoot. the blue tank has “ESDF” to move, and “Q” to shoot. the green tank has “OKL;” to move, and “Y” to shoot. finally, the yellow tank has “8456”, and “0” to shoot; this control scheme is intended for keyboards with numberpads. you can also press either shift or escape to pause the game, and you can navigate the menu with the red tank’s controls.

todo: update!! get dedicated page for it, to include patch notes as well. also open source it sometime, rewrite in typescript

silly edgy “game” i made because i was tired and was existing(the horror) and needed something to do in the middle of the night

  • my current wip project. its an arcade bullet hell. repository! demo coming out soon-ish?

todo: add screenshots, add links