i draw sometimes

todo, find some way to clean this place up? maybe have seperate pages for each image?

august 3, 2023


kitty :3

august 2, 2023

cat girl

tried out a different coloring + line style

july 31, 2023

you like kissingggg

an attempt at a last minute attack for dia, but I couldn’t finish it in time for submission. really cute character :3

july 28, 2023

press b i dare you

drew rosabella again for an attack. really happy with the lighting, I think it came out pretty nicely

july 21, 2023


an attack I drew

messed up his face a bit, and also I don’t think the character actually does magic? nontheless, was fun to draw :3

july 20, 2023



july 18, 2023

you like kissingggg


july 14, 2023

lora, holding paper

she viibng

july 13, 2023



july 4, 2023


I attacked someone. attempted a different coloring style, but it took excruciatingly long to complete lol.

and then I’m pretty sure they had like a call out post on tumblr about it being very obvious which reference image someone uses, and I’m like 90% sure my attack prompted that lmao. like fair enough but also I liked the outfit on that reference better than the others lol

they ended up revenging me later, drawing vii!!!

july 2, 2023


someone else attacked me, drawing etkaa!

so I revenged. I ended up messing up her face a bit, which was unfortunate. also, please enjoy the random dresser in the back lol

july 2, 2023

ektaa, sitting, absolute gamer

practiced soft shading with etkaa

july 2, 2023


someone attacked me, drawing etkaa!!

I had to exact revenge. I drew their oc “hyssop” and punched them in the face with it. wahaha. link to attack.

july 1, 2023

vii, in different poses

I needed a reference image for vii for the art fight, so I drew these lads. it’s been a while since I’ve properly drawn her, so it’s nice I did it. I messed up her bottom arms on the bottom pose.

july 1, 2023


drew a friends oc “rosabella” for art fight, then punched him in the face with it (link to attack)

july 1, 2023


decided to try joining art fight, so I drew a reference image for an old oc “etkaa” to start. Here is the art fight page!

july 1, 2023

girl in mind static void

practice. took a bit of work to get the static to look right, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

june 27, 2023

eldrich horror cat girl, requesting entrance

just some lineart. thought of it while contemplating my sanity. it’s pretty okay generally, but I’m really happy with the way her face’s lineart looks. do let her inside! she’s hungy

june 20, 2023

cat girl, facing right, contemplating life

ack. unfinished. attempted a pose but I screwed up her face and it looks terrible. also tried a different coloring method, to mixed success.

june 19, 2023

cat girl

a quick sketch, just to try something. this is featuring a slight shift in the way I draw bodies normally, and I think it looks nice. her tail was supposed to be just resting-ish on the floor, with a lot of hair kinda just floofing out, but my friend suggested that her tail is actually rooted to the ground and she’s like a plant, and I have completely accepted this idea.

june 17, 2023

some guy. maybe a cow person

a random character I made up because I forgot how to use krita lol. the usual effects. usually I fill in the darker areas of the character with lineart, but this time I decided to make it a lot… “scratchier”. I like it. The coloring is messy in I think a cute way. I also changed my art style somewhat since the last image, using much rounder faces instead of ovals. the eyes are much larger and rounder, and hopefully a bit more cutely chaotic :3.

april 4, 2023

zombie cat girl

april 4, 2023

here is a random character I made up when I decided to try to throw together a bunch of random bullshit and pray that it looked okay. I think it came out okay? In particular, I really like how the hands turned out. I’ve usually just avoided drawing them altogether. The lineart feels a bit all over the place? I played with a bunch of effects for this one: I applied half toning to all the colors, I added some grain-ness for style. A millions little things for the glasses, which I’m happy with the idea of but I wish I could have made more poppy. There wasn’t much I could do without distracting from an otherwise dark image. her name shall be

april 3, 2023


this was an attempt at using krita for the first time! I did a few cute things with this, like the pixelated coloring or halftones, some glowing, two shading layers. I ended up messing up the proportions a bit, and so her hair looks a bit flat and her eyes are quite spaced out. as of writing this, this is a slightly older design of vii, featuring discolorations on her ears and cow lick, and a little gadget on her left ear. this was originally just a fancy reciever, but since then, I’ve gone for a much more sci-fi route and gave the setting full blown brain-computer interfaces, which made the reciever obsolete.

  • todo, add older stuff