devlog 1

tldr: fixed bugs, new Red sprite, and new tiles for stage 2.

ardent shot has been in the works for a while now, and I don’t feel like recapping everything I’ve done. that’s sounds like something to talk about much later. so, I’m going straight ahead into what I did today.


I finally went and made a sprite for Red, the stage 2 boss.

pixel art image of Red

his tail will simulated, like Vii’s. I’ll need to make a new frame for when he moves, but that comes later.

I’ve also been working on new tiles for stage 2, which I’ll show off when I finish tiling the stage.


fixed some interesting bugs.

anything related to animating some of the processing colors was broken, because I didn’t set the variables correctly. I also had an issue where a property set at the start of the stage would get reset anyways, which happened because I did the routine level-to-level resetting on the room start event, but the stage gets created and setup on the create event. caused a minor headache. this codebase is going to drive me genuinely insane…

I also fixed a crash when loading the next level, which was caused because the background scrolling system wasn’t reset properly.